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Roswell, NM - Midway Area

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 MYFDC - Wellness Community

The MYFDC center is a life-span center consisting of four buildings and 23 acres of complex with a focus on wellness and growth.  We serve families from the ages of infancy to elderly.  Five communities are served: Roswell, Midway, Dexter, Hagerman, and Lake Arthur.   34,000 square feet of facility in the four buildings with a commercial kitchen, gym and concert hall, auditorium, child care center,  medical complex, woodshop, mechanics area, multiuse instructional center, fitness center, race car bay, equine center, sports complex (future),  and offices throughout.  We are in a rural setting with state-of-the-art facilities and  WIFI in all areas.  Our people are from all areas of the world including locals, immigrants, snowbirds, and retirees.

Activities—Academic Learning—Vocational Skills

We serve the public with a great café which serves Mexican and American food.  The café also doubles as a training ground for youth learning job skills in our vocational education program.  The facility is open for adults activities from 6.00 am until 2.00 pm Monday thru Friday.  The after school program for children and youth is 3.00 until 6..00 pm Monday thru Friday and weekends.  There are two tracks for children and youth, first, is an academic supplement which includes  a computer lab linked with ENMU-R emphasizing math, science, reading, and grammar. A tutoring program to help students needing assistance.  Mentors to help with life skills and success models.  And, activities that include serendipitous learning in all these areas.  Second, is a vocational track that includes job skills in woodworking, mechanics, sports, dance, music, voice, art, photography,  and physical fitness.

  Medical and Equine

We also have a medical facility to serve the public with a walk in clinic.  The staff is available Mon thru Friday, and has educational opportunities for students interested in medicine.

The Equine (horse) center is for students, and adults.  Both beginner and advanced classes of horsemanship are offered.  Horses are known to be therapeutic for children and adults, and a learning opportunity for all.  The horse center is open everyday.

Food For the Hungry

We feed the poor and needy (120 families) one week of groceries per month, every month, for the communities of Midway, and Dexter, and give free clothing from our clothing bank !




MYfdc Café     Mon-Fri  6.00am-2.00pm

MYFDC Adult Center

MYFDC After School Program

MYFDC (medical) Clinic

Adult Education

Academic Supplement-Tutoring

Vocational Classes

Gym and Activity Center

Concert Hall

Banquets and Parties

Equine Center


Computer Lab

Fitness Center

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